Shanghai  BANMOO Home

Opening Time:
10:00 AM-6:30 PM Everyday
B122, Wending Plaza, 258# Wending Road
Tel: 8621-6266 6930

This is not a piece of furniture. This is a movie.

As the location of choice of BANMOO Home in Shanghai, Wending Plaza is so much more than a humdrum furniture mall. The historic place-to-go for living style seekers has a richer artistic and home-like ambience on top of distinctive open walkways, lawns and waterscapes.

It has been five years since BANMOO Home went into operation in 2012. Elaborate works were carried out in 2016 as a major overhaul that lasted for eight months. At the end of it, the total floor space was tripled, and uncompromising attention was given to details in every nook and cranny of as many as 18 display areas and lifestyle scenarios, as well as in the interior décor, wooden staircases and wall panels.

Entrance on the first floor: LETTER Side Cabinet

Sitting room: Song Sofa Series

Dining room: LETTER Dinning Table,LETTER Chair

The first of the BANMOO tea spaces: Horizon Series

The second of BANMOO Tea spaces: OCTANGLE Series

The third of BANMOO Tea spaces: ESSENCE Sofa Series

The fourth of BANMOO Tea spaces: INKSTONE Tea Series

On the second floor
Hallway: ESSENCE Zen Couch, SONG Treasure Cabinet

ANHUI Master Drawing Desk

Bedroom: Song Series

Dining room: Grand Circle Dining Table, Anhui Tea and Bar Cabinet


Bedroom: Lv Bed, Lvyongzhong×Savior Beds
A collaboration of UK and China’s top handiwork

Interior design: Lvyongzhong Associates