Good design precisely establishes a certain relation,
So as to support the constant resonation
Between man and the environment.
—-Lv Yongzhong


Lvyongzhong&Associates was established in Shanghai  by Mr. Lv Yonzhong back in 1997 and now has become one of the distinguished design studios in China. For two consecutive years L&A has been awarded as AD 100’s most influential design organizations.

L&A’s service starts with project consultancy and encompasses architecture, landscape, interior design as well as art display, which altogether compose a package of comprehensive design and management service.

Our founder Mr. Lv Yongzhong, a talented design veteran with excellent craftsmanship, has a deep understanding and appreciation in the relation between Chinese traditional culture and our modern society, which enables him create spaces renowned for the combination of Oriental philosophy and Poetic thinking.

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Central China
Sales Center of Nanyue

Nanmu Hall House of Mr. Li Family


Fotile Style Beijing


Fu He Hui
Healthy Vegetarian Restaurant


Water Chamber
Small Size Office


Container of Time
Beijing Context LAB


Wind in The Rye
Korean Restaurant