Choose prudently,Cherish it in the Long-term

A priceless piece of furniture requires repeated polishing by the craftsman, and reflects the accomplishments and personal cultivation of its creator. Moreover, in the course of the day-to-day use and company, it becomes part of you.

Design by Lv yongzhong

Each work is designed solely by Lv Yongzhong. With his years of artistic pursuance and his architect-background, he contemplates on the subtlety of the lines and scales, so as to achieve the best combination between the Eastern aesthetics and the modern human engineering.

Critical Choosing on Material

The walnut timber has a wide variety and there are often cases when fish eyes are passed for pearls. BANMOO selects only the highest grade of black walnut timber that grows up in the U.S. Using no paints or finger joints, BANMOO insists on using wider timber pieces to show the natural color and grain texture of this luxurious wood. In 2010, after almost three-year research, BANMOO introduced Morado, the prestigious rosewood that grows 150-200 years in South America before it becomes suitable for furniture-making. Morado is a hard wood that has fine textures and beautiful colors.

Traditional Wisdom of Wood Structure

Combining modern technological conditions with traditional skills, BANMOO’s craftsmen put their dozens of years of experiences into innovative tenon-and-mortise structures to show forth the beauty of hand-made wood works.

Wood Seasoning Technology

Within the BANMOO workshop there are rooms for professional wood seasoning. Each piece of wood furniture goes through three “seasoning” stages during the whole making process, so as to make sure it is sturdy and durable enough for modern lifestyles in different weather conditions.

Exclusive Lacquer

BANMOO uses the world-top lacquer brand, Akzo Nobel from Holland and has its own customized formula. Thus not only the grains, textures, and touches of wood are well kept, but the works become durable and wear-resistant.

Unique Creation of Solid Brass Hardware

BANMOO has devoted three years to develop its proprietary metalwork. Made with 100% real brass, finished with a special coating before they are hand-polished, the BANMOO metalworks combine structural mechanics perfectly with decorative aesthetics.

Design Patent Certification

As the most-renowned designer furniture brand in China, BANMOO has registered almost a hundred national patents, and has won over a dozen national and international awards over the past decade.