BANMOO 10th Anniversary

& the Opening of BANMOO Home

BANMOO home comes to us on BANMOO’s 10th Anniversary on June 22,2016. It is a further interpretation on the Eastern life after its Beijing BANMOO gallery. It is also an expression of our focus and expectations for home. The texture and warmth of life can be felt in each detail at the BANMOO home.

Mr. Yi Zhongtian leaving his wishing notes for BANMOO.

Experiencing the new 18 spaces in BANMOO home  

Addresses: Renowned Architect, Mr. Benjamin Wood, Chief Architect of Xin Tian Di Shanghai; Mr. Sun Jiwei, Chief Executive, Shanghai Pudong District; Founder of BANMOO, Mr. Lv Yongzhong

Host:  Mrs. Niu Bin, Brand Director of BANMOO