Founder Lv yongzhong

Expert of Library of ASC
Vice Chairman Member of the Art Display & Decoration Committee under the CIDA
Chairman of Lv yongzhong Associates
Founder and Chief Designer of BANMOO

Born in 1968, graduated from Tongji University in 1990 and stayed on as a lecturer for almost 20 years. His works have won numerous awards and is seen as an influential Chinese creative designer as reported in both international and domestic media.

Invited to design window showcases for Hermes flagship store from 2008 to 2010

As judge of the ‘iF design Award China 2009’

Works exhibited on ‘Dutch Design Week 2008’ and ‘Milan Design Week’ from 2010 to 2013

Awarded as ‘The Top Ten of the most Influential Interior Designers’ by China Institute of Interior Design (CIID)

Invited to be member of ‘Hall of Fame’ by ‘Interior Design China’

Honored as ‘The Forbes China most Influential Designer’

Honored as China Life Magazine ‘ National Spirit Achiever ’ in 2016

National Spirit Achievers Award

He is a designer and a philosopher. Seeking inspiration between the traditionaland the modern, he practices his philosophy of“half filled, half empty”in his design and successfully redefines the notion of“home”. Designer Lv Yongzhong explores modern Chinese interior design through lines, lights and shadows. His strong belief raises his design above mediocrity and banality.

Lv Yongzhong won China Life Magazine’s “National Spirit Achiever” award in 2016. As a premium art & culture magazine in China, China Life Magazine launched the award in 2007, which was won by celebrities like I. M. Pei, Xu Bing, Tan Dun, Mao Yushi, Jia Zhangke, Yang Lan, etc.. In the prize announcement, Lv Yongzhong was referred to as “a designer and a philosopher. Seeking inspiration between the traditional and the modern, he practices his philosophy of ‘half filled, half empty’ in his design and successfully redefines the notion of ‘home’.”


He is a cosmopolitan.

He draws inspiration from other cultural systems, and constantly returns to his own, where mountains, earth, landscape and housewares lay the foundation of his observation of the world. The Chinese like to say “Chinese learning for essence, Western learning for application”, while some argue the opposite. Lv Yongzhong seems to imply a third way around—the unity of essence and function—in his outstanding designs.

——Xie Ke, deputy editor in chief of Forbes China magazine

Best of Category—Corporate Space Small

This Project Water Chamber ·Office space was awarded as ‘Best of Category—Corporate Space Small’ in the 2011 Global Excellence Awards by IIDA (International Interior Design Association)

[Aisa’s 50 Best Restaurants]

Fuhehui Vegetarian Restaurant awarded as the Asia’s Best 50 Restaurants in 2015 & 2016 & 2017.

The exhausted urban people cast off the boundaries and return to the lightness and leisure. The windows where misty lights show through,  the control on surfaces and scales… they do not come from the outside, but manifest in the nuances.

ID-China Hall of Fame

Interior Design China magazine honored Lv Yongzhong as a member of ID-China Hall of Fame 2013, and presented a gold badge to him.

The Hall of Fame was established in 1985 by Interior Design to recognize the individuals who have made significant contributions to the growth and prominence of the design industry. Previous Hall of Fame inductees include legendary figures such as: Andrée Putman, Frank Gehry, Mario Buatta, Thierry Despont, David Rockwell, Philippe Starck, Cui Kai, Tony Chi, to name a few. In 2007 the award was introduced to China to reward those who made extraordinary contributions to the development of the design industry, which added new momentum to the trade in the country.

Martell Dang Dai Ming Shi Award

As spokesman for “New Elegance”,

He polishes his designs with great care.

As a cultural inheritor,

He practices the philosophy of “half filled, half empty”.

Thanks to his effort,

A contemporary Chinese aesthetic,

A humble beauty, is born.

GQ Magazine, June 2013

Tatler Most Prominent Designer

“The Eastern minimalism revealed in Lv Yongzhong’s furniture design is marked by humble introspection and boundless realm for imagination…”

British magazine Tatler, introduced in 1901, presented Lv Yongzhong the Most Prominent Designer prize in 2013.


Banmoo appeared at Milano Design Week for three consecutive years since 2009, after its attendance of Dutch Design Week in 2008. It was also invited to Seoul Design Olympiad, Columbia College Chicago’s “Contemporary Chinese Design” exhibition, Messe Frankfurt Exhibition, etc.

Author of textbook of Chinese Design College

2008, compiling Theory and Practice of Interior Design­­ at the invitation of Higher Education Press. The book is widely used in Chinese design schools.

2009, member of the jury of iF Design Award China

2010, delivering a speech at Business of Design Week HK


GQ Japan made a feature “Chinese Next Generation” in which Lv Yongzhong was selected as one of the ten explorers of the next era in China. In the same year, Lv Yongzhong was invited to deliver a speech at Business of Design Week in Hong Kong. Lv also won Trends Home magazine’s Interior Design Elites award with Ma Weidu, Zhang Yonghe, etc.