“Half full” is Lv Yongzhong’s philosophy for life and for the brand.
Half is a relationism seeking a dynamic balance. It is neither full nor empty. It is a particular point in time and space that looks the most appropriate.


In the efficiency maniacal society, Banmoo stands opposite to the trend. We are more concerned about the real need of people: lack of time and space, anxiety, yearning for familial happiness, inner reflection…. All our designs echo the fundamental issues and provide a solution.
Banmoo is made for urban dwellers. People living in different places and times are different in their preference of things and lifestyles. In search for the answers to “who am I, where do I come from, where am I going”, however, everyone needs a sense of belonging, which creates the necessity for a common ground for different people.


Eastern aesthetics are a combination of macro- and micro-scopic views. A great amount of contents are suggested beneath deceptively simple appearance. “All things under heaven sprang from the existing, and the existing from non-existing,” as Tao Te Ching goes. Eastern aesthetics transcend concrete elements and reserve a degree of evasiveness.
Furniture today should return to its basic function. It is a life companion, a dumb friend, rather than a loudspeaker. Halfness refers to a balance between the hard and soft, light and heavy, simple and complex, yin and yang…. In careful consideration of proportion, lines, colors, texture, Banmoo endeavors to achieve a precision that endows implicit power to its furniture.


After three decades of modernization, how can we shift to a new development mode that is deeply rooted in the tradition of China?
It is high time to establish a Chinese lifestyle. We drink tea, while the Westerners drink red wine. The philosophy of Chinese and Western cuisine differs enormously. The Chinese sitting room embodies the family’s tradition that is to be passed down generation after generation. The Chinese dining room, centered around a round table, provides an occasion for family reunion.
To redefine Chinese living in a modern society requires that we find the essential relation between man and his surroundings and endow home with an energy that pleases both body and soul.


We shall not sever ourselves from history and tradition, nor shall we be confined to them. Grounded in contemporary life, Banmoo endeavors to find and continue the consistent thread in our history.
Great respect is paid to natural materials: wood, inkstone, brass…. Wood is like a life form. It has beautiful grain; it also deforms and cracks in time. It is worthwhile to spend time with it and listen to its changes.
More attention is given to the function of furniture. Banmoo is not eye candy or stage prop. HF&E, structural mechanics and aesthetics are bound together to make a piece of furniture stand the test of time. Only in everyday use does furniture perform the function of educating and delighting the users.