BANMOO home | Lv Yongzhong’s Design Exhibition

– Duration –
Jun. 23rd ~ Oct. 8th, 2016
10:00AM ~18:30PM Daily

At the corner of the hall of BANMOO home there is a drawing studio, where a huge easel occupies half the space, surrounded by rulers, correction liquids, models, some pencil sketches… This is how Lv Yongzhong works. The work stand must be big enough, and tools must be there, so that he can spread out his imaginations without bounding rules, find a clue, and follow it all the way through.

Anhui Armchair, the model shows marks left during revisions (left).

Octangle Round-back Chair, its polyurethane model displayed in the window (right).

A Tribute to the Temple in Suspension, custom-made by the BANMOO Workshop with solid wood and tenon-mortise structure. The drawing illustrates correlations between stones/wood, beams/pillars, and light slots/cliff cracks.

In this exhibition, we can see the front-view and side-view scripts of the Anhui Round-back Chair. The way they overlap displays a powerful beauty. The illustration on the nervi ischiadicus shows how he studied the pressure curve of the chair on the sitter’s veins, helping him find the right curve of the seat.

Developing a product is the same process as purifying the self, and Lv hopes it to withstand the test of time. What people see is the beauty of a curve or a scale, but behind it there are structural rationalities. What makes a chair pleasing to the eye and to the body at the same time is its true value, and the reason it stays.