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“Home-Party” like the Chinese of Yore at Beijing BANMOO Gallery

MA WEIDU, a collector and writer,
LV YONGZHONG, a designer and brand founder,
And CAO DIFEI, a TV host and lifestyle explorer,
Presented a feast of inspirations, a clash of ideas,
In a form of communal fest that the Chinese call “Tang Hui”,
At Beijing BANMOO Gallery, in November 2016.

BANMOO exhibits its works of over a decade in the Beijing gallery that spans 1,500 square meters on three floors. Pacing through the space is a quieting, relaxing experience characteristic of what quality life of our times should be.

In Mr Ma Weidu’s blog some articles are a fun read that discusses what he banters as the “humble goals” of the Chinese, the concept of “made in China” and family precepts. He shared his deep insight into the modern day and ancient lifestyles, often in ways easy to comprehend by the audience.

As a noted BTV host and fashion education advisor for Tsinghua University, Mr Cao Difei moderated the session with wit, humor and to-the-point sharpness.

There were three themes for discussion at the Tang Hui – a comparison of lifestyles between the past and the present; made versus created in China; and aesthetic education.

In Mr Ma’s point of view, the design philosophy of Chinese furniture is complete with the influence of the Confucianist culture and religions, which give the designers a clue, or a “principal line” that helps to navigate through the complexities of their tasks.

Mr Lv, he went on saying, has a very clear idea where that line is, though designing furniture, unlike drawing geometric shapes, hardly offers any chance of putting that line right before your eyes. Yet you can find a curve on his sofa (SONG Sofa’s smiling curve). You may fail to take notice of it, yet it speaks to his attitude, the proof of that principal line. You’d find out its significance as soon as the curve is gone.

Lv Yongzhong’s design prototypes

ESSENCE Sofa Series