Meet BANMOO home

at the Art Beijing Fair

What will our future home should be like?
Neither European style nor Japanese style
A specific lifestyle you will find at BANMOO home
That will redefine your living space

Design Beijing 2017×BANMOO
Exhibition Date: 29 April- 2 May, 2017
VIP Preview: 29 April, 2017
National Agriculture Exhibition Center, Beijing

Six Series of Products

SONG Sofa Series

Octangle Collections

Grand Circle Dining Table

Pagoda Treasure Display Cabinet

2017 New Collections

Savoir Beds × Lv Yongzhong – LV BED

The British brand SAVOIR-BEDS collaborates with the most representative and influential designer from Britain, France, America and China respectively. Lv Yongzhong is invited to design the bed for their No.1 mattress, and this specially-designed work is co-made by Banmoo workshop in Shanghai and Savoir workshop in London. It is an immaculate representation on designing and craftsmanship between the two top Chinese and British handcraft workshops.