Beijing BANMOO Home

Opening Time:
10:00 AM-21:30PM Everyday
L219-220, China Central Mall, 81# Jianguo Road
Tel: 8610-8588 8611

Banmoo opened its third showroom in China at China Central Mall, in downtown Beijing side by side with SKP, Ritz Carlton and many of the world’s finest brands, on its 11th anniversary in June 2017.

Within its 240-square-meter shop front, Beijing BANMOO Home showcases 10 home scenarios – 3 tea spaces, 1 sitting room, 2 bedrooms, 2 dining rooms and 2 studies – along with Designer Lv Yongzhong’s artworks and private collections.

How to get a proper contemporary life under space constraints? Come and find your own answer.

The entrance: Cro-uching Tiger & Hidden Dragon, ESSENCE Zen Couch

The first of three tea spaces: HORIZON Series

The second: OCTANGLE Series

The third: ESSENCE Sofa Series

Sitting room: SONG Sofa Series

Left: OCTANGLE Series; Right: SONG Sofa

The first of two studies: ANHUI Emperor Desk

The first of two dining rooms: LETTER Dinning Table

Two bedrooms: LETTER Bed, Lv Bed×Savoir

2017 New Product: SONG Writing Desk

Window of Art, Banmoo Home

Looking out to the lobby of Office Tower 1, the Window of Art displays a black SEVEN STRING table and, behind it, a Wheel of Time pieced together with wood shavings in concentric circles. The pattern draws inspiration from the process by which a senior carpenter whittles away at a chunk of lumber, thin wood chips swirling around in the air as the furniture is sculpted bit by bit into shape.

About China Central Mall

Located at the center of Beijing CBD, China Central Mall is an urban landmark that consists of three 5A office towers, two luxury international hotels, top-class apartments, business blocks and a shopping mall. It has gained the reputation as a premium, fashion and modern world-class commercial complex.

The shopping mall is home to more than 1200 prestigious brands, including over 10 flagship stores of, among other brands, CHANEL, GUCCI, PRADA, HUGOBOSS, COACH, VERSACE and Ermenegildo Zegna, and 50 plus select shops featuring Hermès, LV, DUNHILL and BOTTEGAVENETA, to name just a few.